Setting Profitable and High Converting Sales and Launch Goals

How many people do we have in your audience that are in awareness and currently 

For simplicity we can say that you have 1,000 followers on IG. Of the 1,000 about 30% are collectively and actively consuming your content are watching your stories or in your DMs. 

30% of 1,000 is about 300 people who are actively aware that you exist and know that you can help them with your specific set of expertise. 

based on the 300 people who in our current awareness pool roughly what percentage can we see converting once a launch happens? 

I have seen percentages range from 3-10% (sometimes even higher) for clients and myself  which would mean 9 to 30 potential clients based on the 3-10%. 

Based on that knowledges you can start creating a launch strategy that allows you build that awareness, attraction and conversion to the offer, service or product that you are selling. 

Now let’s say that you are selling a program that is $2,000.

3% = 9 clients X $2,000 =$6,0000 sales launch

10% = 30 clients X $2,000 = $60,0000 sales launch 

This simple method allows you to set goals that feel aligned and that makes sense with your current aware audience. This will also ensure that you set goals that will be high converting based on the data that you have come up with. 

If you do this method and find that based on what you come with your desired goals are a little further then that can be a good indication to create a plan to build more awareness prior to launching, 

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