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2 weeks of implementation support. The VIP days are a combination of done for you, with you and do it yourself for rapid fire results. 

Stay Accountable: 
Via your two weeks of follow up support to see your custom plan through no question left behind style.

Prep work done to breakdown goals and to pour gasoline on your fire prior to strategy sessions.

4 hours of strategy work broken down into 2 days to create a custom step by step strategy for your business. 

Need someone to act as a trusted partner to see those business goals through? Search no more, that's how Wendy shows up in the work that she does for her clients. She's passion driven in producing results, getting your business visible and profitable.

What you can expect while working together...

The Experience


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Looking for a strategy that is a combination of done for you, done with you and do it yourself. 

Have many ideas and need support seeing the ideas through. 

Are seeking a custom strategy approach for your immediate business goals

Are looking for 1:1 custom approach without long term commitment

VIP days are a good fit for you if you...

"Wendy shows up 110% for her clients. Her strategies are unmatched. She always has an awesome game plan for every single call where the action items she’s given you, the scripts, the templates, the strategies, are going to 100% move your business forward. If you’re thinking about signing up with Wendy, don’t think twice.."

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