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You’ve got a business to run. We’ve got marketing to do. Let Wendy take care of your marketing needs so you can focus on what you love and we’ll handle the rest!

Lovingly Bold helps business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses, generate leads and increase profits by providing you with the tools they need to succeed in today's digital world. 

Naturally the love for marketing...

More About Lovingly Bold

A marketing strategy and consulting business for businesses who are ready to expand their marketing efforts.

With a B.B.A degree concentrated on Marketing and over 10 years of marketing, sales and team management experience Wendy is ready to serve your business needs. 

Through Lovingly Bold Wendy has been able to serve, work and impact over 100 business owners like you. Ready for next level support? Contact us here

Lovingly Bold.

I am the visionary and CEO of 

The community and business to voice and lead with relentless micro and macro impact in the businesses we get the honor of supporting. 

A community for:
* Forward thinking influential businesses
* Positive impact, support and purpose for change in the world.
* Won’t stop, can't stop confidence and profit.

Community through the love of business

Lovingly Bold is where we build...

During my free time you can catch me exploring all coffeeshops and day dreaming about opening up a coffee shop in the near future. 

When I'm not sipping on coffee you can catch this fellow earth sign outdoors taking in natures beauty.

Sunrise walks and big cups of coffee.

Yes, I was that little girl who asked for the new Harry Potter book as her Christmas book. Fiction or non-fiction if it grabs my attention I will be reading it from beginning to end.

I'm cozied up with the book of the week choice!

When I'm not mapping out epic marketing strategies I am busy planning my next trip with my husband and two dogs. We love exploration, nature and indulging in local diners and shops!

I am planning my next travel destination

In my free time...

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