3 Ways to Present Your Offers and Services in a Mind Blowing Way

Feeling like you are talking to the void when you show up face to cam to talk about your amazing offer? Don’t worry your not alone. Your audience is probably just fatigued by seeing so many people show up to sell their offers the same way, 

That is why today I want to shake things up for you and share three different ways in which you can present your offer and services in a mind blowing way. 

I love to stir things up when it comes to my sales game by giving my audience an array of perspectives in which they can start asking ‘how can I work with her? so let’s get to it!

Behind the scenes

Not enough behind the scene is ever shared. Often times you find yourself working so hard on an offer and forgot to bring your audience on that journey making it harder for your audience to understand why your offer is the best thing since sliced bread. 

Ways to show behind the scene:

  • Working or updating your signature offers 
  • What clients are saying while working with you 
  • Getting your audience engaged on feedback for your offer
  • Showing them the details of your offer (think offer to cam style)

Do not neglect sharing the mind the scenes. Your audience will be blown away when they see the hard work and efforts that where put in having an idea, building the offer and presenting it to the world. 

Client Case Study 
What better way to flex your expertise than through a case study in which you walk people through the the proven results that your clients receive.

A client case study allows you to take a potential client on a journey through the lens of your clients on what is possible for them. In doing this, the clients journey through the case study is what magnetizes a potential client to want to work further with you. 

A case study can be in:

  • Written form that is delivered in a blog post 
  • Video form that is uploaded to website or video platform
  • Exclusive access granted via email sign up
  • Long or short form depending on what all is covered

Bonus tip: Client case studies are also great to send out to anyone considering your services to assure that working with you is the right choice. 

Through a Launch 

Think ALL EYES ON ME when it comes to launching! When it comes to your businesses marketing strategy, launching can be a great why to introduce new or existing offers in a way that has your audience asking ‘how can I work with you?’. 

A Launch can:

  • Campaign over all offer awareness
  • Pull in massive cash infusions
  • Create multiple 4 or 5 figures of recurring income 

There’s a reason why big companies like Apple, Samsung, Fenty Beauty, H&M, Starbucks and many more have huge launches a couple of times a year that tend to be HIGHLY successful and profitable. The best thing is that with launches you have creative control on what goes and doesn’t and can be rinse and repeat which is a heck yes in my book!

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