Creating Sales Success by Auditing Your Sales Funnel

You have a business that you are actively promoting and showing up for but for one reason or another the sales that you are looking to have in your business are not happening just yet. In this blog post we bring awareness to why this might be. Let’s do this by creating more sales success in your business by auditing what is currently happening in your sales funnel. 

By doing this we find out whether the problem in your sales system is a:

  • Messaging problem
  • Service, offer or product problem
  • You problem

The sales funnel consists of 5 step process that your ideal client goes through. This sales process takes them from lead that might benefit form your offer to a full on paying client. Because it is a 5 step process its important to note where your sales funnel might be leaking in performance so we can fix it to ensure more sales in your business. 

Your sales funnel consists of 5 steps. They are:

  • Generating leads
  • Getting on sales calls 
  • Following up 
  • Asking for the sale 
  • Closing the sale 

Step 1: Generating leads

leads refers to a person who has expressed some sort of interest in your free content, you, your business and or your offers. What’s important here is to note how your leads are currently finding you and what are they currently finding you for. 

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Where are my leads finding me?
  • What are they finding me for?
  • How do I feel about where they are finding me?

You will want to ask these powerful questions about your leads because you might be finding yourself marketing on Instagram but your leads might be pouring in from Pinterest where they are finding you from a high performing blog or freebie that you totally forgot about.

This information then tells you that if they are perhaps finding you through other platform channels that it might be reasonable to start exploring it and seeing how you can expand on what is already showing to work for you.

Step 2: Getting on sales call

Now this could be you getting on a sales call or it could be you starting the sales conversation in the DMs (some prefer that over getting on sales calls).  What do these calls and conversations look and feel like to you? For some this is one of the hardest part of the sales process and a hurdle that is hard to overcome because numerous factors can go into play here. 

Questions to ask yourself:

How many sales calls are you getting on?

How many sales are you closing?

What is your conversion rate?

Most of my clients have a 40% closing rate or higher because they are able to navigate the call/conversation in the way that makes sense to them, their offer and the person they are speaking with. 

What if the problem is not actually the sales call but the number of people that you are actually booking for sales call? Then it’s time to evaluate your sales message and whether or not you are actually sharing what you do, for who you do it and how they can get more information. At this point it might be more of sales message issue in which you need to tweak up the messaging so your ideal client knows that you are talking directly to them.

Step 3: Following up

I am going to be honest here and say that more often then not this tends to be a you problem. You simply are not following up. Let’s face it, our potential clients are busy. They show interest, get on call, need time to think about it – totally fine!  But because they are busy they will not always remember to follow up with us. So take the pressure off of them and take on the action to follow up with them on whether or not they want to work with you or invest in your services. I promise you they will appreciate it.

Questions to consider here:

How many people can you follow up with right now?

How often are you following up?

What does this conversation look like?

Step 4: Asking for the sale

Just like the follow up, you would be surprised at how often people are not asking for the sale. They do a beautiful job with hosting the sales call but at the end they end up losing the sale because they got nervous to ask for the sale. ASK FOR THE SALE! Especially if both you and the clients are walking into this sale call knowing that you will talk about a specific offer, service or product that they are going to be sold to.

Questions to ask:

  • What has helped you close sales in the past? 
  • What is stopping your ideal client from converting?
  • What objections are they giving you?

Being mindful of the answers that come up here will help you figure out what methods to use for future calls. It will also help you incorporate objection handling with in the sales call so it’s not saved until the last minute when you present the investment. 

Step 5: Closing the sale

Client experience is everything and this ultimately starts before a client says ‘yes’ to working with you. One of the things is ensuring that on the sales call you have the best interest of your client at hand. 

You do this by offering other alternatives if the current offer is not a great fit for your lead. This can also be done by asking the potential client ahead of the sales call what their goals are and where they are currently at. Pre-qualifying them will help ensure that you provide the best solution to what they are seeking help in. 

Now that we have walked through the sales funnel you will be able to see what gaps are currently present in your sales funnel plus also ask powerful questions that will lead you in addressing how to fill those gaps so you can create more sales success in your business. 

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