How to Get Your Offer in Front of Your Ideal Client

If you find yourself asking “is the market too saturated?” or “why are dream clients not purchasing my offers?” This blog post is for you! Oftentimes I have conversations where a person has this amazing offer but their ideal client is not purchasing it. Which leaves them wondering “what they are doing wrong?”

The truth of the matter is that there are many people waiting to work with you. No the market is not saturated and no you shouldn’t give up. 

So how can you stand out in the market and welcome paying dream clients? I help you define that in a couple steps below!

Step 1: Have a transformational offer

One must not remiss having an offer that is rooted in transformation that your ideal client is actually seaking. When your offer solves a problem that your ideal client is seaking to have solved it becomes more prominent to your ideal client that you are the person to solve their problem. 

If your program or offer is rooted in a result that your ideal client is not seaking or wanting then it makes it naturally hard for that specific ideal client to recognize that they need it which makes selling it that much harder.

  1. Validate that the offer is needed in the market
  2. Confirm that your ideal client wants it
  3. Verify that the results/transformation are exactly what they’re looking to achieve

Taking it a step further, I always encourage that each of your offers should have a unique selling proposition (or sometimes known as a unique value proposition). Your USP is what makes your offer different from what’s out in the market. Your USP can be as big or as small as you choose. 

To give context on what this looks like I want to provide an example using my group program. My program Launch and Sell has a couple of USPs but one that is fun and not seen in the market is the creation of a custom Launch and Sell notebook that I create for the program personally and send out to my clients that participate in the program. 

I found that in my market people were not downloading sheets when in programs or courses so in efforts to improve that gap and enhance the program transformation and experience I started to include notebooks. 

Remember yours doesn’t have to be as hands on as the one I chose but just something that makes your offer slfightly different.

Build trust and nurture your community 

Your ideal client will ask why they should trust you to solve the problem and quite frankly they should. But in order for your ideal client to even ask that question you need to have a community of people that are willing to listen to what you have to say.  

A great way to start nurturing and building trust with your community is to start getting visible on video. Incorporating video marketing into your online marketing allows for your dream clients to see and hear you ultimately building trust due to the way that you show up through video. 

Below I highlight great ways to build trust and nurture your community:

1.Show up and present value that delivers small wins for your audience

  1. Share value that helps shift your ideal clients perspective
  2. Create engaging video content with a call to engage so your ideal client is seen and heard 

4.Share behind the scenes of you working on your offers or business 

5.Present snip bits of you and your client work so they can see what you are about

Let people know about your offer

Have you ever told yourself “I just don’t want to come off salesy or annoying”. If that sounds familiar let me remind you that you are running a business! And in order to have a profitable business you need to talk about your offer. More often than you think! 

So how often should you be talking about your offer? I usually say about 3-4x times a week in different ways. This could be done all on stories, in your content, emails etc. 

This doesn’t mean that you are hard selling or pitching all the time. It does however mean that if you have a course (for example) on let’s say content creation and you are sharing value about a content creation you can mention your course within that value that you provide. 

Example of how a sale can be woven with in your value:

“These tips will help you get started on the right track with content but if you want to see results more quickly with me guiding you from beginning to end DM and I can share more about my course that helps with just that.” 

Don’t be shy or nervous to sell. The more you talk about your offer the more natural and normal it will become to you. Plus, keep in mind that your ideal client needs to hear about your offer numerous times before making a buying decision. Furthermore, they are not always seeing your content because they might not always be on when you show up.

Now that you know how to stand out and get in front of your ideal clients let’s put some numbers to help you see just what’s possible.

I truly believe that the more clarity that we have on what we want the more relatively easy it is for us to achieve it. 

So let me ask you…

Do you have any idea of how many people are ready to work with you? If not it’s time to find out right. It’s time to do some math together!

I introduce to you My 1% Market Law Method. ⁣

In my 1% Market Law Methodology I breakdown how many people are actually ready to work with you right now. 

Let’s say you have 1,000 Followers ⁣(insert your # of followers)

At the bare minimum we will say 1% of your followers are ready to buy (usually it’s about 5-8% but I want to show you what’s possible with just playing it safe).⁣

1,000 X 1% = 10 people ready to work with you.😳⁣

Now let’s say you have a goal of hitting your first 5k month! This can be done by having:⁣

3 1:1 private clients (2,000PIF/2,200 PP package)⁣

1 Client @ paid in full: $2,000⁣

2 @ $1,200 payment plan: $2,200⁣

3 intensives @ $397 = $1,191⁣

= $5,394 sales month with a total of 6 clients (.05% of your audience!😉)⁣

Now let’s do it for you:

[insert followers] X 1% [0.01] = # of clients ready to work with you.

So, now that you know what’s possible within your business right now…how will you be showing up in your marketing to get in front of those dream clients who are ready to work with you?

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