Building Out a Freebie that Attracts High Ticket Clients

You are reading this blog post because you want to create an epic freebie that will serve your lead magnet to convert into high ticket sales. 

Maybe you’ve created a freebie in the past but saw little to no results which left you wondering what the point of creating one was in the first place. ⁣

✖️You didn’t see growth in your email list⁣
✖️Your offers weren’t selling like hot cakes⁣
✖️You’re unsure if these were qualified leads.⁣

It’s time to change that. It’s time to build a lead magnet that:⁣
👉🏼Get your ideal clients attention.⁣
👉🏼Builds know, like and Trust.⁣
👉🏼Can position your offers for sales.⁣

Ready to build a lead magnet that brings in qualified leads into your business pipeline? ⁣
⁣A lead magnet that provides the opportunity for high ticket sales and for new leads to enter the buyer’s journey.⁣

Build your lead magnet in 4  steps. When mapping out your lead magnet you will want to start with step number 1. which is:

1. End goal of lead magnet (freebie)

This is all about where you want your lead magnet to drive traffic to. Usually it is to an offer that you are wanting to generate conversions to. Establish what that offer is so that you can create a freebie that will build awareness and peak interest through the implementation of your freebie to your offer. Associate your freebie with your offer so it naturally makes sense for your ideal client to see your offer as the next best decision to invest in after consuming and implementing your freebie.

2. State clearly  what thiis this lead magnet for:

Yes it’s important to know who your ideal client for the lead magnet will be. Having clarity around this helps you welcome qualified leads through your freebie. ⁣This in turn helps position the right leads for your paid offer. Attracting the right leads with your freebie also ensures that we are warming up right leads towards your paid offer.

3. What problem will this lead magnet solve:

Your freebie should be the medicine in the candy in which your leads are asking ‘what’s next?’ after they consume your freebie. In order to do your freebie you should solve a problem and open up a loop of awareness that sets your offer up as the next best step.

4. What type of awareness do you want to create:⁣

Once they have consumed your freebie and become aware of what you do, where do you like to drive them to? A free platform, a paid offer, a free event.⁣

For the sake of this blog post we are talking about driving them to a paid offer but you can also drive these leads to other social platforms or free events of your choosing.

5. Consider how you want to package and deliver your freebie

Freebies come in all sorts of ways and sizes. It could be a 1 hour video training for a 5 minute video lesson. It could be in the form of a checklist or guide or a 14 page workbook. Choose the delivery form that will provide the best results for your ideal client.

When mapping out your freebie you should consider these top 5 tips to make sure your freebie stands out and grabs your ideal clients attention and retains it. ⁣

5 ways to drive qualified leads to your lead magnet🧲

On Monday we chatted all about how to create a high converting freebie! Go read that post if you haven’t already!🙌🏼

So now you have a bomb lead magnet and your asking the following questions:

What happens now?🤔
How do I get people to sign up for it?🤔
Do I have to talk about it all the time? 🤔

Here’s the thing that I remind my clients and I want to share with you:

Like selling any offer, you need to talk about your freebie multiple times to help generate interest and sign ups but it doesn’t always have to be on IG stories -that can be exhausting!

In fact there are numerous ways in which you can drive qualified leads to your freebie!

Now that you have your freebie mapped out let me share some bonus content to set your freebie up for even more success. I want to share 5 bonus tips on how to drive traffic and awareness to your freebie that are a sure way to get your dream clients to sign up. 

A great traffic driver for your freebies because it’s search friendly for your cold leads to find your freebie, sign up and get warm through the implementation and nurture aspect of your freebie funnel.

Through blogging you are providing long form content which naturally will help you plug in your freebie and drive your traffic towards your freebie within the blog post. Video Marketing

Find yourself doing IG stories or FB lives? When opportunities arise make sure to mention your freebie and how this will help your audience. Leave your link in the comments of your lives when possible!

Email Marketing
Don’t remiss the opportunity to mention it here! Just because people are on your list doesn’t mean you can’t further segment them through your freebie.

Doing a podcast, blog post, IG take over or FB live collab? Ask if you can leave their audience with a tangible freebie. It’s another great way to tap into cold qualified leads.

Let me know in the comments what freebie ideas come to your mind after reading this blog post?

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