Done For You Content Launch Strategy

Picture being super excited to launch a new offer to your audience. ⁣It’s an offer of value and highly transformational for them and you just can’t wait to get in your ideal clients hands.⁣

Now imagine having a set goal to sell out and actually meeting that goal at the end of the launch. How would that feel to be able to sell out that offer?

⁣It’s totally possible which is why today I’m going to teach you the launch content strategy that will help get you there. ⁣It’s time to have your content start working smarter not harder when it comes to your launches. Your content should be doing the heavy lifting it’s intended to do for your business to help drive awareness, trust and sales with your launch.

I am going to break down a simple and effective content launch strategy for you that is easy for you to implement. Here we go:

Let’s start by saying that you are launching an offer that is $1,000+. This is a higher investment so we are looking to have a content launch strategy of about 2-3 weeks⁣.

When we are launching a high ticket offer we are usually prepping our audience for about 1 week and letting them know that something exciting is coming out through educational value. You never want to launch to a cold audience or an audience that is unaware of you or your offer. The two following weeks after the first initial week are focused on selling the offer being launched. 

Based on my methodology your content launch strategy would look like this: ⁣

Week 1: Use 80/20 Rule⁣

⁣80% value (related to offer):⁣

👉🏼Education, tips & mini trainings⁣

👉🏼Live trainings ⁣

20% sales:⁣

👉🏼Introduction to offer (build excitement)⁣

👉🏼Who this offer is for + results they will see⁣

Week 2: 50/50 Rule⁣

50% Value (related to offer):⁣

👉🏼Education, tips mini trainings⁣

👉🏼Q&A’s on topics related to offer⁣

50% Sales:⁣

👉🏼What will people get when they invest⁣

👉🏼previous client outcomes⁣

👉🏼Client testimonials ⁣

Week 3: 80/20 rule reversed:⁣

80% sales:⁣

👉🏼Posts walking people through objections⁣

👉🏼Posts direct sales message⁣

👉🏼Posts that build urgency and foam⁣

20% value mirroring what is in your offer. ⁣

👉🏼Mini trainings⁣

👉🏼Q&A’s ⁣

👉🏼Live trainings ⁣

Did you catch the pattern? In a 2-3 week launch our content goes from 80/20 to 20/80. That’s because people jump in on an offer either at the beginning or end of a launch so it is important to have a launch strategy that will bring people on board at all points and build intrigue. ⁣

We are humans and naturally we tend to wait until the last minute to jump onboard so we need to make sure that are sales efforts are strong at the end! ⁣

What will you be launching/selling next?

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