How to Create Cash Infusions in Your Business

So your ready to create cash infusions into your business am I right? Love that for you. The possibilities are truly endless when it come to creating cash infusions with in your business. 

You might be wondering though what exactly are cash infusions? Cash infusions are distributions of money into your business that can come suddenly as a result from certain activities that took place and action that was taken. 

Cash infusions also happen as a result of you bringing massive awareness to your business and offers and marketing the need to solve the problem that your ideal client is experience that your offer provides the solution for. When the marketing and sales process is done right, the cash infusions happen in your business helping to ensure that your business is sustainable, has recurring income and on the path to scale. 

My #1 way to create cash infusions with in a business is through launching.

What is launching?

Simply put a launch is a promotional strategy for a particular set of days that drives massive awareness and income to your business by promoting a specific service, product or offers features, benefits and advantages to an audience who is ready to buy. 

 Launching allows you to:

  • Create recurring income
  • Build business Sustainability
  • Be booked out while creating business expansion
  • Scale your business to new levels 
  • Sell and launch low>mid> high ticket offers

Now that you know what launching can do for your business the question becomes how do I have a launch? 

Well first and foremost, join my FREE challenge 5 Days to a 5 Figure Launch here so you can get some hands on help! I will be running this challenge in which we will be covering all things launching and selling from March 1-5th. 

But to give you something to go off on from this blog post there are 3 things I would love you to do.

Create your launch logistics

The logistics part of the launch is often times missed but it’s so important to not overlook as the logistics help ensure the success of your time and efforts for your launch. 

The logistics are all about ensuring that the timing, messaging, goals and bandwidth are all in place to truly ensure that you launch starts and ends strong. 

When it comes to launching it’s truly about having the pulse of your launch in your hands. By ensuring that you have the logistics in place to control that pulse, you will ensure that your launch is resonating with the people it should attract and help convert.

Map out a launch plan

Once you have your launch logistics in place it’s time to map out your launch plan. Again, remember that your launch is simply a promotional strategy that drives your marketing and sales efforts towards one particular offer. Because your marketing and sales efforts are focused on this launch promotional strategy it’s important to plan where you will host this launch, how you will drive awareness and what happens during each step of your launch.

It’s also important to note how big or small you are wanting your launch to be. This is going to vary based on your offer, pricing and what you are energetically available for. 

Host your launch until the end

[insert here] Now that you have the logistics and the plan for your launch in place it’s important to host your launch and do it to the end. It’s critical to answer what the end looks like for you. Does the end mean two weeks of launch promotion? Does the end mean until you sell out? Does the end mean until you meet a particular numerical client or sales goal? These are a couple of questions that you will want to answer in the logistics part so that you know what this looks like for you. 

Once you have the start and end of a launched in mind you will want to plan for the in between. What will the promotional strategy look like in between, what gets your ideal client to buy, what drives awareness and conversions?

These questions are answered through the creation of your launch plan. What does the flow of your launch plan consist of to drive awareness, interest and conversion? With in your launch plan you will want to plan what the marketing efforts for content, video, collaborations, affiliates and other efforts will specifically look like to drive someone from awareness to conversion during this promotional period.

To learn more about launching and selling join my free 5 day challenge called 5 Days to a Figure launch here

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