3 Ways to Stop Trading Time for Money

The truth of the matter is that you have great opportunities to be able to stop trading so much time for money. 

Do a quick audit by answer the following three questions:

  • Where is my time being spent?
  • Where can I cut back and regain some of that time?
  • How can I take some of that time back?

If you answered these questions and found that yes it’s time to regain some of your time back then keep reading because I will share 3 ways to regain some of your time without sacrificing the income! In fact the tips I am about to share can in fact increase your income too. Win win right? 

Turn your proven methodologies into a 1 to many model

 Right now you might be doing a lot of done for you or one on one services that are keeping you capped on time and the amount of clients that you are able to welcome in. If this scenario rings true for you my biggest tip of advice is to turn your proven methodology into a one to many model.

What is a one to many model? This simply means that instead of just serving and working with one on one clients you are turning what you offer in that container to serve many people at once. This could look like:

  • Self study course
  • Group program
  • Mastermind
  • VIP days 

 Doing so will help you take back some of your time and in turn help you create more income. I recommend this to my clients when they have worked on their methodologies with clients and it’s proven to be a work. Almost like market research to validate that your offer can serve in a one to many capacity. 

Hire someone to help you with day to day tasks

 As a business owner you have the pulse of your business in your hands and you will know when certain parts of your business are:

  • Starting to get busier
  • Taking more time
  • Requiring more energy

or perhaps has you going in all sorts of directions. This might be because you are entering a state of expansion in your business and it’s ti me to start doing it all on your own. It’s costing you more then what meets the eyes.

You can usually foresee this type of expansion coming as we plan ahead for what things are looking like in our business through planning, goals and projections. 

One of the daunting parts of looking for help is feeling like you will have to commit to bringing someone on for 20-40 hours. This is simply not true or necessary if you are just starting out with needing help. I started with very minimal help and slowly progressed into getting more help. But taking the action of getting help is going to help you regain your time so that way you can focus on things that will move your business forward.

Systemize everything

 If you had to step away from your business would someone on your team be able to step in and know exactly what to do to keep the business running? If the answer is a hard no it’s time to start automating and systemizing your business. 

Doing so will help provide an approach to how your business is ran and also create structure and accessibility to reduce complexity and any redundancy in the business which in fact will save you time.  

Here is how you can start:

  • Identify your businesses core functions 
  • Create systems of procedures even for the littlest of tasks
  •  Delegate whenever the time is right and gain feedback

This will require a level of letting go that can sometimes be tough but also so rewarding when you have more time on your hands to focus on other things as the visionary of your business. 

At one point or another you will be needing to do 1 if not all 3 of these things especially if you are looking to continue to grow with your business so why not get ahead and start implementing them now! Let me know which of these tips you will be giving a try. 

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  1. This is excellent info! Funny, I am working on my systems so someone can do it if I travel.

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