Creating Effective Habits to Grow and Scale A Business

One of the best ways to grow and scale a business is to create goals that support the journey of doing just that -growing and scaling. You would think it would be that easy right? You set a goal and you achieve it.

But on the contrary, what happens when you enter a repeatable cycle of  setting and forgetting the goals? It doesn’t look as easy after all through those lens does it now. 

This happens oh too often but after reading this blog post I will share a simple and effective hack that will help you crush your business goals. It’s really simple actually it’s the act of setting habits for your goals. 

But why is this often missed? Let me be super honest with you, most people get super giddy at setting goals -I’ll be super transparent with you… I can be this way.

We get super excited about the goals that we set that we often forget to set the habits that enable the ACTION we need to take to help us in achieving our goals.

Ask yourself, how many times have you set a goal but also gone back and said, ‘these are the habits I need to set to help me achieve this goal by X date’.

Most of you are not taking that step and if you are you might be setting habits that enable busy action vs. productive action. Productive action moves you closer to the achievement of the goal.

One of the main things that really helped my Lovingly Bold business go from side hustle to full on scaling and growing was in fact setting sustainable habits that help me work towards my goals.

This can be habits that help you on a micro base –think landing your first 2-3 clients or can be macro base –think scaling past 6 figures and beyond. 

I find that it’s important to talk about goals when talking about habits because your habits help support your goals and the achievement of them. In order for you to do this though you need to start by having clarity on what you want and why you want it.

Start by answering the following:

What do you want and why do you want it?

Example of this would be:

Having a goal to start a business

What you want: A business 

Why you want it: To create an extra stream of income and create lasting impact by using your expertise to help the masses! You might also like to build a business to create extra income so you can save to help build your dream home. 

These are only examples and of course all goals will look different for everyone. Especially the ‘why you want It’. Don’t be shy with expressing why you really want to reach your goals as being honest with your why will only help support your efforts and habits to reach your goals more.

After you set a goal and know what that looks like for you you can establish and habits that will support the goal. When you set the habits for your goal I want you to be specific with them. The habits you set to reach your goal should help you be productive in reaching the goal versus being busy in efforts to reach your goal. 

What is the difference? 

Busy work is work that often times can leave you feeling scattered, all over, and can be hard working with a lot of untied loops on your projects and goals. 

Example: leading with perfectionism and being extremely detail oriented. 

Productive habits on the other hand is all about establishing habits that help you work smarter. Setting habits based on efficiency to get more done at a quicker rate. 

Example: Going deep vs. wide on a goal and the habits to get there

Continuing with the example above of starting a business you will answer the following question:

What habits do you need to set to help you reach your goal?

For the goal of starting a business that might look like:

-Saving money to start a business

-Starting to learn what steps to take to start a business

-Taking small actions to help you map out a business plan

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-Being extra mindful of where your extra time is being spent

Now that was a great example of habits that help support goals but on the other hand you can use this habit setting technique to help set up lifestyle goals too! 

Below are examples of 5 non negotiable daily habits I do everyday to help me feel fulfilled and leading with purpose.

  • Self education every day
  • Embrace the pits and peaks
  • Focus on my relationships
  • Daily 3 non negotiables
  • Visit my vision everyday

These 5 macro habits help me stay grounded in my journey as an entrepreneurship. As you can see through both examples (one being more micro vs. macro) your habits can aid in achieving a feeling, a goal, a lifestyle but they should have meaning and purpose behind them that help you get closer to your ultimate goal.

Do you have habits that help you reach a goal set in place?

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